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With the CAIRN- Art Center and the Gassendi Museum, the Geopark has become a privileged and unique place during the last 20 years, where contemporary art converges with the landscape. Today, its territory has a huge collection of over one hundred works of art produced in the natural environment by a group of renowned artists, like Andy Goldswerthy and his "refuges d'Art", Richard Nonas, or herman de vries. Thanks to these works created through CAIRN initiatives, the UNESCO Geopark is an innovative territory : the visions of these artists invite visitors to continually discover and rediscover landscapes.

The CAIRN- Art Center is located in the Musee Promenade.
Discover the map of all the contemporary art sites and amenities present in the Geopark territory :

Refuges d'Art

"Refuges d'Art" is a work of art designed to be discovered trough a series of walks and hikes accross ten days. Designed by British artist Andy Goldsworthy in partnership with the CAIRN, this course, unique in Europe, takes visitors across 150 km through the UNESCO Geopark's stunning scenery and combines contemporary art, hiking and the enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage.

Reliant three Sentinelles (dry stone cairns created by the artist at the heart of three valleys), can be followed through ancient paths which cross the tracks left behind by a formally intense rural lifestyle. Andy Goldsworthy wanted to highlight this journey with refuges, old ruined habitats belonging to small unprotected rural heritage (chapels, farms, etc ...) that have been restored to shelter hikers during stop or at night. A sculpture designed specifically for each of these sites has become part of the landscape.

The Geopark's territory now has the largest collection of Andy Goldsworthy works of art (held in one single place) in the world. It is a public space that everyone is invited to wander in. Far from a "bulimic" approach to culture, Refuges d'Art is best discovered day by day, often at a rhythm of one refuge or Sentinelle per hike.



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