The UNESCO Géoparc de Haute-Provence

The UNESCO Géoparc de Haute-Provence is the first Geopark created in 2000 by UNESCO. It was the model for the development of Geoparks worldwide. Its territory, unique in the world, is composed of 60 municipalities of the Alpes de Haute-Provence department. It is a territory where the memory of the Earth meets the memory of Mankind. It unites the blue water shores of Lake St. Croix with the snowy peaks of Dormillouse and includes a unique diversity of landscapes where Alpine and Provencal features interwine. It is a territory of alliances between the olive tree and the larch, between lavender and edelweiss. The Geopark is an exceptional territory of flavors, fragrances and colors throughout a long human presence which has slowly shaped it.


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Cultural heritage



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